• The IQS Business Foundation Holds its Annual Meeting with the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence

The IQS Business Foundation held its Annual Meeting on 14 June, and featured the presence of the Foundation's partner companies and a speech by Carme Artigas Brugal, the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence and an IQS Chemical Engineering Alumna.

She urged companies to add job profiles with a scientific vision to enrich their value propositions: "mixed profiles are very interesting for companies" because they make it possible to create more disruptive solutions and products by combining the vision of entrepreneurs and scientists. "We are going to see more medical awards go to developers," noted the State Secretariat, who also highlighted the work done by universities and business schools such as IQS where mixed profiles with scientific and business vision are actively promoted.

Also, the Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation stressed the Government's plans to help both large and small companies evolve in a market that is advancing towards complete digitalization in leaps and bounds.

Ms Artigas noted that Spain has requested European funds for digital transformation and ecological transition, something that constitutes a "very powerful" commitment by the Executive Branch to definitively accelerate digitalization. In her opinion, the acceleration of the digital transformation for Spanish companies is urgent as 40% of the European economy will be digital, which is why Spain must adapt and progress toward continuing to be considered a continental power.

During the Annual Meeting, certification was given to the new IQS Business Foundation partner companies in recognition of their support and commitment to IQS: Akihiro Kadokura, CEO and Chairman of AGC Pharma Chemicals; Guillermo Vallet, Executive Vice-President of Catalonia Hotels&Resorts; Dallant; Jorge Grima, CEO of Emsa Tecnología Química; Jordi Pujol, R&D Director of GasN2; Carlos Hausmann, on behalf of Hausmann; Pelayo Rubió, CEO of Laboratorios Rubió; and Helmut Schaeidt, CEO of Morchem and Unnox group.

Dr Josep Arcas, President of the IQS Business Foundation, reminded attendees that the Meeting was being held in person for the first time since the pandemic began. He then gave the floor to Dr Salvador Borrós, Director of IQS, who addressed the institution's most relevant highlights over recent months.

Rosa Curt, Director of the IQS Business Foundation, concluded the event by inviting the Meeting's attendees to a meal, including Manel Cerqueda, Director of Andbank; Mª Luisa Espinós, President of Lebsa; Andrea Firenze, CEO of Covestro; Amadeu Jori, President of Jori Armengol; Sofia Lluch, Owner of Lluch Essence; Joan Molins, Vice-President of Ciments Molins; Marian Puig, President of ISDIN; Marta Rodríguez, Director of Marketing & CSO of Carburos Metálicos; Elisabeth Stampa, CEO of Medichem; and Mireia Torres, Director of Innovation and Knowledge at Miguel Torres, among others.