• Objectives and Competences

Objectives of the Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The aim of the Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to train you as a professional and researcher with a profile applied to research and development of products, processes and services in the different industrial sectors related to pharmaceutical chemistry, biomedicine and similar.

It is the only master's degree 100% in English with less than 120 ECTS credits with EUROMASTER accreditation, and accredited by ASIIN.



Competences to be acquired

The Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry provides the following competences:

Advanced knowledge of different disciplines within pharmaceutical chemistry, which allows students to identify and solve problems, develop and implement original ideas and assimilate new knowledge throughout their professional career.

Mastery of chemical and management tools for research, development and production of drugs.

Knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and the new trends in the use of pharmaceutical chemistry.

Skills of knowledge management and ability to lead projects in the pharmaceutical field.