• Mission

    IQS School of Engineering

The mission statement of IQS is included in a university-wide document passed and issued in 1998. The IQS School of Engineering has the following mission:

Our mission is to provide comprehensive education for people, equipping them with the attitudes, knowledge and skills that enable and inspire them in their personal and professional development. This education takes place under criteria of excellence and justice, based on deeply held values of Christian ethics, and in complete agreement with the mission of IQS.

Our essential goal is to take students who have finished their secondary education and who show the potential and dedication necessary for scientific and technical studies and lead them to higher degrees in engineering and experimental sciences.

IQS envisages Research and Experimental work as fundamental tools for providing an up-to-date, innovative university education.



Following the Jesuit tradition, we believe that developing the ability to learn is essential for our students' development. This is based on the four pillars: learning to know and how to learn, learning how to do, learning how to be, and learning how to live together.

We provide our students with experiences that develop their interpersonal and analytical skills: oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving and the use of modern engineering equipment and computer applications.

We design our programmes so that our graduates receive a comprehensive, interdisciplinary education, with special emphasis on both the basic sciences and applied technologies, with a generalist approach that includes the social and economic impacts of engineering and experimental sciences.

We are committed to employing faculty worthy of recognition due to their knowledge and experience, and due to their dedication to education and devotion to personalised services for students. 

Students conduct intense experimental and practical work, which allows them to develop a highly independent capacity for learning. Cooperative education with industries and student internships are mandatory in all our programs.


Research and Technical consultancy services

Research is an essential activity in order to provide quality teaching, develop critical thinking and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. We therefore stimulate and provide incentives for our faculty to carry out research, in particular in the interdisciplinary fields for which IQS has achieved great renown. Our doctoral studies are an ideal way for our students who have shown themselves capable and dedicated to investigation to build on their research capacities.

Technical Consultancy Services are considered a desirable activity to improve education and to keep our faculty up-to-date with the needs of the industry. Offering these services stimulates innovation and strengthens the relationship with many industries and industrial sectors, while also contributing to societal progress.