Job opportunities

The professional opportunities awaiting a Business Administration and Management Undergraduate Program include:
• Company departments: finance, commerce, management control, marketing, trade-marketing, market research, information technology, international trade, sales, supply chain, quality, research development and innovation (RDI), human resources, etc.
• Management of functional areas: production, marketing and business, human resources and finance
• Service sector: auditing firms, consultancy, project evaluation, financial markets, financial institutions, banking, recruiting, insurance, marketing, publicity, research institutes, distribution, tourism, health, etc.
• Industrial sector: food and drink industry, chemical industry, iron and steel industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile industry, paper industry, cement industry, publishing company, cosmetics, textile industry, etc.
• Infrastructure sector: technology, transport, phone industry, energy, logistics, construction, etc.
• Research area, enrolling in a master's program or doctoral studies at IQS
• Public administration within a European, national or regional level body
• Instruction