• Objectives and Competences

Objectives of the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management

With a markedly professional orientation, the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management, taught in collaboration with the IEF (Institute of Financial Studies), is the only official Master's Degree in Spain that prepares jointly to pass the theoretical exams of the professional certifications European Financial Advisor (EFA) and European Financial Planner (EFP) offered by the EFPA (European Financial Planning Association). These certifications have become professional qualification standards in the field of finance and asset management.

The EFPA is an European association of finance professionals, the first created in Europe with the express purpose of increasing professionalism in the European financial services sector. It is the largest and most respected European association for professional certification and issuance of quality standards for professionals in planning, analysis and financial advice.


Competences to be acquired

The objective of the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management is to prepare professionals capable of assuming technical and managerial functions in the main professional areas of finance:

Management, advice and planning of investments and assets in credit institutions and institutions of Private or Personal Banking

Operative in financial markets

Jobs related to Corporate Finance and Investment Banking, as well as Private Equity/Venture Capital activities

Establish the capitalization, borrowing and debt policies most appropriate for the company

Design of simple and structured financial products as well as portfolios and investment funds attending to the profitability/risk binomial

Advice on financial products for the design of a portfolio, from fixed income, variable products, derivatives or investment funds, to the design of alternative investments (real estate, commodities, etc.) or retirement planning or succession protocols