• IQS Supports its Employees through the Comprehensive Wellness Programme

In academic year 21-22, IQS launched the Comprehensive Wellness Programme for its employees through the entity asTara - Bienestar y Desarrollo. Thanks to this pilot programme, more than 50 people are enjoying sessions on healing and managing physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional aspects of life.

The increase of psychosocial risk factors associated with the workplace is one of the key areas that institutions must effectively address to ensure that their mission and future are successful. Employers must take the first step and recognize their responsibility in terms of educating and being supportive of employees so they can do their work with the right tools and with the best guarantees.

Taking care of employee wellbeing forms part of IQS's HR policy, a key aspect that has been incorporated into its Strategic Plan for upcoming years. Along these lines, the Human Resources Department has sought to take the first steps through the launch of the pilot programme to work towards building a stronger future project for the entire staff.

IQS Director of Human Resources Carlos Bel states that "we need to encourage people to work in a healthy way and be capable of self-management. At the same time, we must increase the value of the IQS brand as an employer, the sense of belonging, efficiency in the workplace, and improving quality of life in general. As a responsible entity that has a close relationship with its employees, IQS believes in policies that help to prevent and manage potential physical and emotional health issues. We really liked the programme that asTara proposed to us, and we thank them for their professionalism and involvement. It involved a holistic approach to health and wellness and addressed different areas: body awareness, stress and emotional management, healthy food, and conscious nutrition. In addition, IQS includes a part on spirituality in line with our identity and mission, with the aim of connecting wellbeing to ‘being well,’ another important aspect of the human dimension."

José Carlos Hermida, co-founder of asTara, pointed out that "it's essential for prestigious and well-recognized institutions like IQS to be leaders in terms of being involved and committed to the wellbeing and development of their employees. Today's professional, social, and political environment shows that people must be at the centre of companies' decisions, and IQS has clearly recognized this. Moreover, not only does a programme like this reinforce a sense of belonging to a team, but it also strengthens the entity's external image, sending a message that they are modern, responsible, and ready to lead the way for other institutions. We're thankful for your confidence in us and for being part of a project that has such a positive impact on people not only in the workplace, but also personally."

The programme included both indoor and outdoor activities. For example, connecting with nature through forest bathing was one of the experiences that participants liked and rated most highly overall.

At the end of certain sessions, participants shared reflections such as "I was able to take a break from thoughts that consume me nonstop and focus on them in a different way," or "we always share intellectual moments with colleagues, but this has made it possible for us to spend time together in a unique way," and "I'm really grateful to IQS for creating this space for us during work hours." In addition, participants highlighted words such as understanding, family, respect, calm, enjoyment, transformation, interrelation, empathy, support, resilience, and pride in belonging.