• Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management | Alexander Gordeyko

What has Alexander's experience been like?

Alexander Gordeyko

Alexander Gordeyko is a student of the Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management. Below, you can read which subjects he highlights from the master's degree and her assessment.

I am Alexander Gordeyko. My course is Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management.

I would like to highlight all the courses which I am studying. That's Marketing, Ethics, and social responsibility in the company, Cost Analysis for Decision Making, Financial Statement Planning, Human Resources Management, and Economic Analysis. All these courses are new to me and I have not studied them in my country. I am very interested and I like to listen to teachers, although sometimes it is difficult for me. But I know that all this will be useful to me in the future.

I chose IQS University because it is located in my favorite city Barcelona. I was here many times when I was younger. In addition, IQS is one of the most prestigious Universities in Spain where lectures are held in English. I think many people dream of coming here. After graduation, there are many chances to find a good job.

I would like to highlight that I like the fact that in IQS many students know each other and help each other. Everyone is very kind and sociable. We often spend time as a group after lectures. Various events are often held at the university. And it's also quiet and comfortable here, almost like at home. In the windows of the university classrooms very beautiful view of the mountains, Barcelona and the sea. My advice which I would give to a future student who wants to study the same master's is to pass the exam and come to IQS University because it is a good and necessary stage in your life. You will love it.