Tuition amount and payment methods

Tuition amount

Credit price varies between €195 and €235. For more information on your Master's price, please contact with

Payment methods

Single payment

Split payment

  • A first payment, for a sum of 37% of the total amount of the tuition in which the reservation of the place is discounted.
  • 9 postponed payments due on the 5th of each month. This payment method is by direct debit and has an 8% surcharge on the deferred amount.

If you decide to split the payment, you will have to submit the original direct debit mandate document (SEPA) that you will find here

This mode of payment will not be available for students residing outside of Spain, nor for the students of the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management.

Once the enrollment is confirmed, any modification on the same that generates an additional cost, will have to be paid in a single payment, without splitting.

See more information on grants and funding.

For those who proceed to the payment from outside of Spain,
you will have to make it through Flywire:


Language required

To complete any of the IQS Masters, a B2 level in English is required, except for the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management, which requires a TOEFL 80 (Internet Based Score) or the equivalent in IELTS or TOEIC.

You must provide an accreditation document confirming the English level at the time of pre-registration.

If you do not have any official language certificate, you can take the IQS level test, which will take place in the same institution on June 28th and September 6th at 09:00. To be able to take the test, please inform the IQS General Secretary Department on the day you choose to do the test.

If you are already a student in IQS, you do not need to submit this language certificate.


Contact for Masters

For more information on any of our Masters programs:

IQS Admissions 


Telephone: 932 672 020


For questions related to the admission and enrollment process:

IQS General Secretary 


Telèfon: 932 672 001