• Engineering Master's Degrees

With the Master's Degrees of IQS School of Engineering you will acquire specialized training that will allow you to develop more deeply your personal and professional skills.

Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry

The Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry provides the theoretical and practical knowledge on analytical instrumentation to train professionals and researchers with a profile applied to research and development of products, processes and services in the industrial fields related to analytical chemistry.

This master’s degree provides advanced knowledge on the different disciplines in analytical chemistry, enabling students to identify and reason problems, develop and apply original ideas and integrate new knowledge throughout their professional career.

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Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (100% English)

The Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry trains professionals to achieve a profile applied to research and development of products, processes and services in different industrial sectors related to pharmaceutical chemistry.


Consequently, it provides an overview of the whole process of R&D of a drug, the Research and Production phases.


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Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering

The Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering is focused on knowledge of the structure-properties relationship in materials, in order to synthesize and design new materials with specific properties.

The various contents comprised in the program introduce students to the field of nanostructured materials and their technological applications. Laboratory practice and experimental work make up almost 50% of the credits, with some of the topics taught in English.

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Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering (100% English)

The Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering provides knowledge on the design, management and control of the chemical and biotechnological production processes used in industrial processing plants.


The master’s degree provides tools for the development, research and preparation of products, processes and services, as well as for industrial management and cost optimization, excelling in the application of techniques, even in fields that have more in common with engineering such as biotechnology or nanotechnology. 


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Master's Degree in Bioengineering

This Master's Degree in Bioenginering trains future high-level research and innovation professionals in the industrial, food or biomedical production fields. The program includes technological profile content such as bioreactors and bioprocesses, biocomputing, design and simulation of bioprocesses and industrial microbiology.

The master’s degree is based on a close relationship with the industrial sector that is materialized in the participation of scientists from different companies in the Faculty Meetings, as well as the possibility of working on all or part of the final master's project within the companies.

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Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering

The Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering trains the professionals with the capacities to exercise the industrial engineering profession, pursuant to its legal regulations. Among the skills to be acquired are the project, calculation, design, research, innovation and development of industrial products, processes, installations and plants.

The professionals will also be qualified for strategic planning applied to construction and production systems, to environmental quality and management, technical and financial management of projects and the performance of general and technical management jobs.


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Master in Biopharmaceutical Business

The Master's Degree in Biopharmaceutical Business is designed for students who wish to develop their professional potential with businesses in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical technology sectors based on the demand from these companies for highly qualified professionals.
Both IQS professors and more than 30 professionals from inside the industry will teach classes and share real case studies related to global companies in this sector.

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