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The Dual Master’s Programme in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management of the IQS School of Management is intended for recent university graduates in economics, business administration, advertising, public relations, and tourism, as well as engineers and graduates from other fields, who have a good level of written and spoken English. Previous professional experience is not a requirement.
Applicants to this master's programme may already have acquired basic knowledge of marketing, accounting and corporate finance. For those students who have not acquired these skills, the Programme will organise additional orientation sessions (Marketing Principles and Strategies, 6 ECTS, and Accounting for Decision Making, 3 ECTS). Specific additional academic modules will be considered, if necessary.


In order to be admitted to the Dual Master’s Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management, applicants must be in possession of a University degree granted by a Spanish University or an equivalent degree issued by a higher education institution from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) accrediting access to master's level programs in the country issuing the qualification.

Graduates from education systems outside of the EHEA can also enrol in the programme without the need to have their undergraduate degree officially recognised, once IQS has ensured an equivalent level of education. The country issuing the qualification must be capable of issuing access to graduate level studies. Access via this route will by no means require validation of the qualification of the person interested and its recognition will not be used for any other purposes than for the enrolment in a master's program.

Transfer requirements

The Permanent Committee of the Academic Board, which examines each applicant case-by-case and establishes the system to recognise the credits, will handle the admission of students from any domestic or foreign university system, who have studied at the undergraduate level within the EHEA framework.

Concerning students from EU member states, or from countries with which Spain has established international agreements, students must have a qualification that enables them to pursue graduate level university studies in their home country. Students from outside of the EU, or from countries that do not have an established agreement with Spain, need to first pass the corresponding university entrance exam.

Completion Requirements

In order to obtain the Master’s Degree, students must earn a passing grade from all of the credits taken in the Master’s Degree. Every subject involves continuous assessment and the option to retake exams in the summer.

The maximum duration of the enrolment in the Master’s programme is 3 years. However, under normal circumstances, students are expected to complete the Master’s Degree within one academic year.

If a student does not pass one or more courses during continuous evaluation and in the summer retake, students are given two additional exam retakes within 3 years from the initial enrolment. If a student still has not earned a passing grade in the subject, they can apply to the Permanent Committee of the Academic Board (PCAB) to review their case, enclosing a statement justifying their reasons for not passing the subject with the request. The PCAB may complement this information by consulting with the Master’s Programme coordinator and may grant a final opportunity to complete the Master’s Degree, which must be taken within one year from the expiry date of the enrolment. If a student does not complete the Master’s Programme, they will not be granted the Master’s Degree.

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