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Objectives of the Dual Master Program in Marketing

The Dual Master Program in International Marketing in a Digital Enviroment / International Marketing & Sales Management gives ans specialization in international marketing, digital marketing and sales management, combining academic rigor with practical application.

You will develop skills so that you can start developing your professional career in marketing in international companies.

Competences to acquire

Dual Master Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing and Sales Management will enable students to acquire knowledge, skills and competences, focusing in particular on international and digital marketing, as follow:

Develop strategic thinking behind the selection and entry of new markets

Take appropriate decisions according to changes in the external environment and market opportunities

Apply principles of international brand management

Create products specifically designed for international markets

Optimize quality and contents of web pages, social media, and online communities

Develop effective digital marketing strategies

Implement digital strategies and promotional campaigns through mobile devices and social media

Plan integrated omnichannel distribution strategies

Understand the selling process in B2B international contexts

Organize and coordinate international sales management teams

Likewise, the Master promotes the acquisition of a set of general and transversal competences, which are essential for the professional practice of international and digital marketing, some of which are the following:

Team management

Integration of Information and Communication Technologies

International vision

Orientación al cliente

Corporate, ethical and environmental responsibility

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