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The Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry consists of 90 ECTS credits, structured in two semesters of 30 ECTS plus a third semester of 30 ECTS for the Master Thesis, which should be presented in a public session in front of a board.

The Faculty is composed of a academic and professional specialists in different areas of Pharmaceultical Chemistry, in order to provide an overview, form industrial applications to basic research and research applied to the various areas in which pharmaceutical chemistry is present.

The master's degree consists of the following five modules:

Transversal Module: gives an overview of the whole R+D process of a drug and knowlegde of project management techniques in a company. 

Drug Research Module: develops the tools needed for new drug research in its different phases-design and selection, synthesis of candidate molecules, and spectroscopic techniques of identification and characterization.

Drug Production Module: provides specific knowledge of the industrial production of drugs.

Module of Electives: a choice of two elective courses that complement the skills acquired in the previous modules.

Master Thesis Module: conducting and individual research project within a research group, under the tutelage of a professor of the Master's Degree.


The laboratory practices and experimental work account for almost 50% of the master's-degree credits. 

Transversal ModuleFacultyECTS
Pharmaceutical ChemistryDr. José I. Borrell5.0 
Project ManagementDr. Judith Bàguena5.0 
Drug Research ModuleFacultyECTS
Molecular DesignDr. Jordi Teixidó / Dr. Roger Estrada4.0 
Advanced Organic SynthesisDr. David Sánchez-García4.0 
Identification and Structural CharacterizationDr. Xavier Batllori4.0 
Integrated Laboratory IDr. Ana Belén Cuenca8.0 
Drug Production ModuleFacultyECTS
Process ChemistryDr. Xavier Berzosa4.0 
Drug AnalysisDr. Gemma Gotor4.0 
Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical IndustryDr. Ana Cuartero4.0 
Integrated Laboratory IIDr. David Sánchez-García8.0 


Module of Electives ( Choice of 2 subjects)FacultyECTS
PhotochemistryDr. Santiago Nonell5.0 
Pharmacology for chemistsDr. Ana Belén Cuenca5.0 
Experimental DesignDr. Laura Fernández-Ruano5.0 
Advanced Drug DeliveryDr. Benjamí Oller 5.0 
Evaluation of Compounds with Biological ActivityDr. Carlos Semino5.0 


Master Thesis ModuleFacultyECTS
Master Thesis----30