• Mission

Our mission is to develop the whole student by equipping them with the attitudes, knowledge and skills that will enable and encourage their personal and professional development. Our teaching is guided by excellence and justice, underpinned by the profound values of Christian beliefs and fully in line with the IQS mission.

Our ultimate aim is to teach undergraduate courses in Engineering and Chemistry to students who have finished secondary education and who display potential and ability in science and technology.

At IQS we believe that research and providing support work and consultancy to industry are vital tools to be able to offer leading, innovative university education.


In keeping with the Jesuit tradition, we believe that our students' personal and professional development is founded on the ability to learn on four fronts: learning knowledge, learning to learn, learning to live and learning to live with others.

We expose our students to experiences that enhance their analytical and people skills: oral and written communication, teamwork, critical analysis, problem solving and using modern engineering tools.

Our courses have been designed to offer our graduates comprehensive, interdisciplinary training, focusing on both basic sciences and experimental work and with a general approach which encompasses the social and economic ramifications of engineering and chemistry.

Our pledge is to be distinguished on the merits of our lecturers' knowledge, experience, teaching skills and dedication to each individual student.



Research is at the heart of providing high-quality education, developing critical thinking and helping to push out the boundaries of knowledge. For this reason, we stimulate and encourage it, placing special emphasis on research into and applied to teaching, particularly in the interdisciplinary fields for which IQS is renowned. For students who have the right academic background and ability, node/45e programmes afford excellent opportunities to improve their research skills.


Support and Consultancy Work

In our opinion, support and consultancy work outside the university is important to enhance teaching and for lecturers to keep abreast of current developments. Non-academic work entails being in touch with industry needs and contributes to progress in society through technological transfer.