• 4. Seat Reservation

You must reserve your seat to ensure your place in the selected programme. Once admitted, within a maximum period of 2 weeks, you must make the payment to reserve your seat (€ 1,000) on the online pre-enrolment platform by credit or debit card. Reserving a seat does not imply an additional cost, as it is discounted from the total cost of the enrolment once you pay the enrolment.

If you are admitted in the Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy, the payment to reserve the seat will be for an amount equivalent to 50 % of the enrolment fee. Once the payment is made to reserve the seat you will receive the date and time assigned to you to formalise the enrolment in person in IQS.

The amount to reserve the seat is only returned if the student does not meet the requirements to access the studies at IQS.


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