• 7 questions for Dr Luciano Dibona researcher with the AppLightChem Group

Thursday, 01 September, 2022
IQS Tech Transfer

Dr. Luciano Dibona, researcher with the AppLightChem Group

1. What do you like most about your job?

How kindly I was welcomed over these first few months and how pleasant everyone has been: every time I asked for help for something I received help without hesitation. And all the great people I've met during this time too. I feel really at ease as I've been given all the tools I need to do my job the right way.

2. What would you like to spend more time doing?

I'd like to spend more time on my hobbies: hiking and continuing to discover Catalonia. And picking up playing the guitar again too, maybe.

3. What are you proudest of?

That people can trust me and know that they can come to me when they need help. And the career I've been able to build so far.

4. What value do you appreciate most in people?

The desire to help those who need it and honesty.

5. Where's a place you'd like to visit?

IQS – I still don't know where everything is!

6. What's a dream you'd like to pursue?

Working in science, which is already a dream come true.

7. What do you have left to learn?

A lot! I'd be worried if there's ever a day I think there's nothing left for me to learn.