• Close of IQS Workshops for Secondary School Baccalaureate Teachers

Thursday, 20 May, 2021
Comunicación y Marketing Corporativo IQS


For the eighth consecutive year now, IQS has held various sessions as part of the IQS Workshops for secondary school baccalaureate teachers aimed at secondary school teachers with the objective of providing them with tools that could be useful in teaching subjects related to the fields of chemistry, biosciences, and technology, as well as contributing to updating knowledge in these areas. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year's edition was offered both on campus at the IQS headquarters and online through the MS Teams platform.

The workshops began on 9 March with a session dedicated to the field of Chemistry. The lectures given in this session were entitled "Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology: Tools to Assess Water Pollution" and "Manufacturing Fine Chemical Products. Flow Chemistry as a New Trend" and were led by IQS professors Dr Cristian Gómez and Dr Xavier Berzosa.

The second session was held on 16 March and focused on the fields of Biosciences and Pharmacy. Dr Marta Guerra gave the lecture "Coating viral vectors as new tools for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)" to go along with the lecture given by Dr Benjamin Oller called "Peptide-directed nanotherapies and proteins."

These two sessions ended with the workshop "Tools and resources for teaching in various formats: learning to conserve and leverage, even after the pandemic," led by Dr Jordi Cuadros, one of which focused on the field of chemistry and the other on the field of biosciences.

The workshop dedicated to the fields of Technology and Physics took place on 3 May. The session began with the lecture and workshop: "Are electric motors the future of automotive engines? Around the world and back to the start," led by Dr Oriol Gallemí. Then, Dr Pere Palacín gave the lecture "Can energy policy be an engine for growth in the country?". The session ended with a hands-on workshop, led by Professor Ferran López, entitled "Use of CAD tools (Solid Works) for teaching technical and physical drawing."

Considering the warm welcome in previous editions, this year's workshop also included a session dedicated to supporting secondary school teachers in the work they do supervising research projects. The last session was held on 11 May and consisted of two lectures and a hands-on workshop. First, Dr Judith Bàguena gave the lecture "Methodology in managing research projects." Then, the former Vice-Rector of Research at Ramon Llull University, Dr Lluís Comellas, gave the lecture "Twenty years of URL Awards for Research Papers: the most valued aspects." The hands-on part of the session was offered by Dr Vanessa Serrano, who led the workshop "Effective Visualizations with Excel."