• The Documentary "Fighting the Rare" is the Star of IQS Science Week

Thursday, 23 November, 2023

Research on a rare disease, such as Lafora disease, is the main theme of the documentary "Fighting the Rare," which was screened before a large number of high school students as part of the conference "How to do research on a disease in order to find a treatment?" led by Dr Jordi Duran, professor with the Department of Bioengineering at IQS, on 16 November.

This was the last of the three events organized by IQS within the framework of the celebration of Science Week in Catalonia. This year's edition, the 28th, took place between 10 and 19 November, with the aim of promoting interest in and knowledge about science.

Other highlights of the event included the lecture and demonstration "Chemistry is energy," given on 13 November by Dr Sergi Colominas, professor with the Department of Analytical and Applied Chemistry; and the show and demonstration "Colder than ice: demonstrations with liquid nitrogen," given on 15 November by Dr Carles Colominas, professor with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

In this year's edition, the activities organized by IQS featured participation by more than 400 secondary school baccalaureate and vocational education students from schools throughout Catalonia. Specifically, students from the following schools in Barcelona were present: Abat Oliba, Benjamin Franklin School, CE. Valldaura, Canigó, Centre López Vicuña, Col·legi Scala Dei, Escola Josep Tous, Escola Pia Sarrià-Calassanç, ETP Xavier, Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia, Inmaculada Concepción, IES Escola del Treball, IES Miquel Tarradell, Jesuïtes Gràcia, Maristes Immaculada , Maristes Sants-Les Corts, Sagrado Corazón-Corazonistas, Sagrat Cor-Sarrià, Salessians Sarrià, and Vedruna Gràcia. Students from other schools throughout Catalonia included: Escola Vedruna (Vic), Europa International School (St. Cugat del Vallés), Garbí-Pere Vergés Esplugues, IES Torre de Malla (Parets del Vallés), IES Can Peixauet (Sta. Coloma Gramanet), IES de Lliçà, IES Joanot Martorell (Esplugues de Llobregat), Inmaculada Concepció (Gavà), La Salle Manlleu, La Vall (Bellaterra), SEK-Catalunya (La Garriga), Viaró Global School (St. Sant Cugat del Vallès).

Science Week is coordinated by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation and is supported by the Department of Economy and Knowledge with the Government of Catalonia and features collaboration from more than a hundred institutions and entities that make up the Catalan Research and Innovation System, including Ramon Llull University (URL).