• Donations, patronage, and sponsorships

Thursday, 11 February, 2021
IQS Tech Transfer

Representatives from BASF, Grifols, Fundación Cellex, and Familia Ansoleaga de Santiago during their visit to the CTPTI on 8 February 2021.

Making financial contributions is just one of the ways we can express our commitment and solidarity with certain social actions. We care about causes that promote the greater good such as the environment, culture, sports, art, education, health, science, and more.

A Donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. Donating is an altruistic activity that draws us to support and promote certain actions based on our values and principles, personal or business, according to our corporate social responsibility policy.

Donations, patronage, and sponsorships are different ways of collaborating with others and their objectives. A donation is an irrevocable, pure, simple, and disinterested contribution that does not seek any type of compensation in return. With sponsorships, the collaboration is not disinterested, but seeks the public dissemination of its activities in return through certain actions to obtain an indirect benefit, such as through advertising revenue or an image for the institution. Regarding patronage, the aim is to provide assistance to a non-profit organization in achieving its objectives.

Companies that make donations and contributions to foundations are entitled to tax benefits that, pursuant to Law 49/2002, have been established to encourage patronage initiatives and promote participation from civil society through tax incentives and a special tax system for non-profit entities.

Universities, scientific institutions, and business schools are three examples of the types of entities that receive the most support in Spain. As a private, non-profit foundation, IQS is one such beneficiary entity. The economic, moral, and ongoing support we receive from companies, entities, and people who are involved in our work and our mission make it possible for us to move forward with enthusiasm and a solid commitment and duty towards society. Scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, financial assistance to acquire equipment to conduct activities in our laboratories and workshops, donations to add new scientific instruments, contributions for scientific and technical research activities, sponsorships for organizing events that promote entrepreneurship, and donations for future projects are just a few examples of the bounty we receive.

To everyone who contributes to IQS through donations, sponsorships, or patronage, we thank you all. We will never tire of acknowledging your commitment to IQS. We know that you are here with us and that we can count on you.



Dr Núria Vallmitjana
Director of IQS Tech Transfer