• Dr. Salvador Borrós, new General Director of IQS

Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
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 Dr. Salvador Borrós, new General Director of IQS

In an extraordinary session held on 30 September 2020, the IQS Board of Trustees unanimously agreed to name Dr Salvador Borrós Gómez as the new General Director of IQS. Salvador Borrós took office on 1 October, assuming his leadership role at the beginning of the new 2020-21 academic year.

Born in Barcelona in 1963, Salvador Borrós holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from IQS-URL (1993) and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineer from IQS-URL (1987). He brings an extensive teaching and research background to the position. Since 2003, he has been a Full Professor of Materials Science and Biomaterials at IQS-Universitat Ramon Llull. In 1994 he created the Materials Science laboratory at IQS, and his research activity includes more than 34 doctoral theses defended before him and over 150 final master's and undergraduate projects. He has published 160 articles in indexed journals with an H index of 29. His international experience includes research work at MIT, the University of Cincinnati, and the University of California Irvine.

His technology transfer activity has produced over 60 contracts for research and his entrepreneurial mindset has led to the creation of six start-ups based on technology developed in his laboratory.

Salvador Borrós has received various awards and recognitions, the most noteworthy of which include the Salvador Gil Award (1987) for the best research work, the Talgo Award for Technological Innovation (2003), the Catalonia Engineers Association Innovation Award (2011), the XXI Bioentrepreneurs Award (2009), and the second place XXI Bioentrepreneurs Award (2015).

A new era is commencing at IQS in which Salvador Borrós will lead a Society of Jesus university centre characterized by academic rigour, creativity, and innovation and in which the spirit of solidarity and service is strongly present, based on the institution's Christian-inspired values.

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Renewal of the URL Governing Board

In addition, the Universitat Ramon Llull's Board of Trustees has appointed Dr Jordi Teixidó as the new Vice-Chancellor for Teaching. Dr Jordi Teixidó has been a Full Professor at the URL since 2005 and has held the position of Dean of the IQS School of Engineering-URL since 2014. He was previously the IQS-URL Secretary General.

The URL Board of Trustees has also appointed Dr Lluís Comellas as the new Ombudsman of the University. Since 2010, Dr Lluís Comellas formed part of the URL Board of Chancellors, serving as Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation and Dean of the IQS-URL Technical School (from 1998 to 2010).

Appointment of the new Dean of the IQS School of Engineering

Following the appointment of Dr Teixidó as the Vice-Chancellor for Teaching at the URL, IQS also welcomes Dr Jordi Díaz as the new Dean of the IQS School of Engineering-URL.

Dr Jordi Díaz holds undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering (1995, IQS) and Chemical Sciences (1996, URL) and a PhD in Chemistry (2000, URL).

He has been employed with IQS since 2001, working as a Full Professor of Chemistry, Analysis, and Environmental Chemistry and coordinating the Undergraduate Programme in Chemistry. During that time, he also held the position of Director of the Environmental Laboratory for 17 years, in addition to belonging to the IQS Environmental Processes Engineering and Simulation Group (GESPA).