• Europe, a Key Player in Quantum Computing Projects

Wednesday, 08 June, 2022
IQS Fundación Empresas

"The impact of digital technologies on science and industry (and geopolitics)" was the title of the lecture presented by Dr. Josep Maria Martorell, associate director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, on 30 May at an event organized by the IQS Business Foundation.

This educational activity formed part of the programming offered by the university during the academic year in which conferences are held to discuss current and relevant topics that are open to the entire IQS Community and corporate partners within the IQS Business Foundation.

With a masterful presentation, Dr. Martorell highlighted the evolution and convergence between High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies and Artificial Intelligence and their applications in both science and industry. Regarding geopolitics, he focused on the challenges that Europe must face, with a special focus on Barcelona.

Along the same lines, Dr. Martorell focused on Quantum Computing (QC) as a future trend and how Europe will be a key player over the upcoming decade in developing Quantum Computing projects. He stressed that the convergence of HPC and QC is clear and that, in fact, all European actors and stakeholders visualize future "Quantum Computers" hosted and operated by the main HPC centers.

As an expert associated with academic and scientific management in higher education, Dr. Martorell is the associate director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, a research center with more than 700 employees that is home to the MareNostrum supercomputer. He has also worked as the Director General of Research with the Government of Catalonia for five years, and boasts vast experience as a Business Angel and mentor for several technological startups created in Barcelona. He is a member of the boards of the Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance and the BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center, and is also a member of several advisory committees for European scientific institutions.