• Industrial Property Training within the Framework of the FORTUT Project

Thursday, 25 November, 2021
IQS Tech Transfer

During the month of November, IQS carried out a series of training sessions for teaching and research staff aimed at industrial and intellectual property (IIP). Under the title “From an idea to the market”, the aim has been to visualize the technology transfer process from the outset when someone comes up with an idea and wants to protect it up to the signing of a license agreement with a third party.

The training session was held in person at the IQS campus and led by professionals from ClarkeModet España: Dámaso Gallardo, José Maria del Valle, Dina Chaves, and Manuela Matamala.

The main objectives of the session were as follows:

  • Strategies to protect innovative results through IIP methods based on the business model defined for exploitation.
  • The value of confidentiality and business secrecy in technology collaboration agreements.
  • The comprehensive management of IIP in the technology transfer process.
  • The roles of studies on royalties and the economic valuation of IIP rights.
  • The roles of studies on royalties and the economic valuation of IIP rights.

The training session was very warmly welcomed by the attendees, and it is worth highlighting the interest professors and researchers had in the area of protecting and transferring results produced through research conducted in their laboratories and workshops.

With this activity, IQS Tech Transfer, the technology transfer department at IQS, aimed yet again to promote an innovative culture that makes it possible to support the commercialization of knowledge and technology developed at the university. This is just one of the many ways we encourage and strengthen the close ties between the university and the industrial sector. Although this is a well-known aspect at IQS, we believe that we can still do more to contribute to technological development and industrial innovation for companies in the field, stimulating professional growth for our professors and researchers at the same time.

This initiative has been possible thanks to the FORTUT project "FORTaleciendo Unidades de Transferencia de Tecnología" (Strengthening Technology Transfer Units), which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and granted by the Government of Catalonia's Department of Business and Knowledge through the General Directorate of Research. This financing forms part of the call for grants for the implementation of projects by Knowledge Transfer and Enhancements Units within Catalan Universities, aimed at significantly improving engagement with the productive sector (decision EMC/2970/2016, of 27 December).

Dr Núria Vallmitjana
Director of IQS Tech Transfer