• An Interactive Game to Discover the Ignatian Way

Friday, 21 October, 2022
Cátedra de Ética y Pensamiento Cristiano IQS

Within the framework of commemorating the Ignatian Year, the Directorate General of Religious Affairs and the Commemoration Curator are pleased to present the interactive film The Ignatian Way in Catalonia in game format. It is a short, playful, and educational film about Ignatius of Loyola during his time as a pilgrim, covering the stretch of the Ignatian Way that the future saint made in Catalonia until reaching Manresa.

This initiative comes in addition to the work that the Office of the Ignatian Way, the city of Manresa, all Catalan municipalities along the Way, and the Directorate General of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia are doing to promote this pilgrimage, which aims to spread knowledge about the saint's relationship with Catalonia throughout the world.

The short interactive film about Ignatius's journey 500 years ago through Catalan territory consists of correctly answering the questions posed at each stage in relation to what has been explained as the pilgrim advances in his physical and spiritual path.
The application has been designed so pilgrims from all over the world can play. With this in mind, Catalan, Spanish, and English versions of the game are offered. In addition, the game also features subtitles to guarantee the basic parameters of digital accessibility.
The documentary film by Jordi Roigé El Camino Ignaciano premiered at the end of July, enabling us to experience, as yet another pilgrim along the Way, the visual and spiritual beauty of the route that Ignacio de Loyola travelled from Azpeitia to Manresa in 1522.

IQS is celebrating the 500th anniversary of Saint Ignatius's conversion through the 23rd IQS Symposium entitled "Wounds and the Human Condition", organized by the IQS Department of Ethics and Christian Thought this past January.

Access the game at "The Ignatian Way in Catalonia"