• IQS and in-move by Railgrup Sign a Collaboration Agreement to Promote Training and Research Activities

Wednesday, 17 November, 2021
IQS Fundación Empresas

From left to right: Enric Ticó, Salvador Borrós, Ignasi Gómez-Belinchón, and Rosa Curt 

Dr Salvador Borrós Gómez, Director of IQS, and Mr Enric Ticó i Buixadós, Chairman of in-move by Railgrup, a multimodal mobility and logistics cluster, have signed a collaboration agreement that will facilitate the promotion of training, informational, and research activities between both institutions. This agreement, signed on 4 November, was made possible thanks to collaboration from the IQS Business Foundation.

The meeting was also attended by IQS alumnus Dr Ignasi Gómez-Belinchón, Cluster Manager of in-Move by Railgrup and Ms Rosa Curt Santpera, Director of the IQS Business Foundation.

Through this agreement, IQS and in-move by Railgrup are seeking to support information exchanges and teaching and research experiences by organizing conferences, colloquia, seminars, and other technology transfer and promotion activities that are of interest to both entities and/or their members and teams and foster knowledge and technology transfer activities (R&D services, analysis, consulting, and studies for industry) developed by IQS that may be worthwhile for the objectives of in-move by Railgrup.

To achieve these objectives, the framework agreement provides for the establishment of a monitoring committee that will have the role of proposing, planning, and evaluating the actions carried out within the framework of the agreement as well as making regular evaluations.

About in-move by Railgrup

Railgrup is the rail mobility and multimodal logistics cluster in Spain. It is a private, non-profit organization that has worked since 2002 to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the sector and to have a more efficient and sustainable transport network. Over 120 organizations are counted among in-move by Railgrup’s partners.