• IQS Careers works with leading companies in the Graduate Program

Friday, 08 July, 2022
Carreras Profesionales IQS

The IQS Careers department has organized a work session with HR teams from leading companies across different sectors with the aim of sharing the values of the Graduate Program (GP) as a recruitment strategy.

The GP is a hybrid format combining education and work that helps to attract and prepare talent. In addition, the GP is a way for companies to attract talent considering the diversity and number of opportunities currently available to students.

This type of recruitment involves job contracts that feature a career plan that provides the opportunity for mobility between departments or even different company headquarters, provides training, and encourages internal promotion.
With this in mind, both IQS and the companies that were present (Technip, KPGM, Henkel, Firmenich, Enterprise, Naturgy, Deloitte, and Azko Nobel) greatly appreciated the Graduate Program.

IQS Careers aims to make students aware of the Graduate Program as a highly positive way to enter the workforce, while being an excellent tool to enhance the relationship between education and business.

The event also served to share and discuss other aspects such as mobility or staff turnover, and the importance of Power Skills in students' work profiles. In fact, starting in the upcoming academic year, these skills will be addressed in a structured and cross-disciplinary nature at all levels, focusing on teamwork, emotional management, and communication skills. Another innovation that the IQS Careers department has featured is the implementation of the Salesforce platform for managing in-company student internships, reducing the workload for students, companies, and IQS Careers alike.