• IQS Class of 2023 Master's Graduation Ceremony

Friday, 30 June, 2023

Ms Laia Arnal addressing the graduation ceremony


On 29 June, IQS celebrated the graduation ceremony for master's degree students, an event full of emotion and pride for all the families who were present. 180 students graduated from the IQS School of Engineering and the IQS School of Management in the class of 2023. The venue chosen to hold the event was the Jesuïtes de Sarrià-Sant Ignasi school.

During the event, IQS School of Engineering and IQS School of Management master's degree students took the stage and personally greeted all the members at the presidential table.

The opening of the academic ceremony was led by Dr Jordi Teixidó, the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation at Ramon Llull University, who welcomed the graduates and expressed the university's pride in them. Then he gave the floor to Fr. Enric Puig SJ, president of the IQS Foundation, who congratulated all the graduates and emphasized the Ignatian pedagogical model that is common to the universities within the Society of Jesus. Values are crucial to this model, and are based on four dimensions that are present in the education students receive: humanitas, iustitia, fides, and utilitas. Fr. Enric Puig SJ concluded by congratulating all the graduates and expressed his wish that their education would help them to “love and serve” people, society, and the historical moment in which the graduates are already playing leading roles, all according to the Ignatian paradigm.

Dr Salvador Borrós, Director of IQS, presented the sponsor of the class of 2023, Ms Laia Arnal, who is the Managing Director of Knowledge Society, Transfer, and Territory within the Department of Research and Universities of the Government of Catalonia. Dr Borrós highlighted the sponsor's cross-disciplinary background with a strong scientific foundation and clear efforts in creating value, especially in the field of healthcare. He showcased her clear desire to strive for innovation, highlighting her participation in the creation and acceleration of more than 20 startups and spinoffs at the Vall d'Hebron, boasting over 100 million euros investment and creating more than 100 jobs. Her career has spanned over 18 years of experience promoting research, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship in the fields of biotechnology, biomedicine, and health systems.

Ms Laia Arnal addressed the recent graduates with a personal and motivational message that encouraged them to create bonds wherever they go. She mentioned the value of building relationships and collaborations based on trust. She continuing by stating that it is in IQS's DNA to collaborate with companies and establish bonds and connections. She also advised them to gain international experience that would add value and give them another perspective. Above all, she said “don't limit yourselves” and "focus on challenges – if you choose your own challenge, it will motivate you.” She reminded them that their education would not end here because they must continue learning throughout life. She encouraged them to engage in activities that involve innovation and pointed out that society expects them to provide solutions to create a better, more equal, and more sustainable world.

Graduates Xavier Rodríguez and Eduard Teixidó addressed the attendees on behalf of all master's graduates. Their speech was full of friendly and complicit nods to the different master's degrees and highlighted the significant presence of international students from 17 different nationalities who have created a multicultural learning environment and have led to personal and academic enrichment for all students. In this regard, they stressed that diversity and collaboration are fundamental for facing the challenges of today's society and building a better future. They also made a point to recognize and thank IQS faculty and staff members, as well as their respective families. These kind words put the emotional finishing touch on their speech.

On behalf of the IQS Alumni Association, Mr Roger Prat welcomed the new graduates to the IQS Alumni community, offering them lifelong connections and resources. He highlighted that the AIQS is the oldest alumni association in Spain and encouraged them to remain connected to the institution.

The event was brought to a close by Dr Jordi Teixidó who, after a few words of congratulations on behalf of Ramon Llull University, stated that they were celebrating the end of a stage in their academic and personal education, a stage in which they had achieved the master's level, a distinction held by less than 10% of the Spanish population. In addition to all the knowledge they have acquired, this gives them a significant career advantage. He thanked everyone for the trust they placed in IQS and Ramon Llull University and expressed his hope that the mottos of IQS “People, Science, Business” and the URL “To Be and To Know” had been well internalized by them during their education. He stressed the importance of being personal, education, and scientific knowledge for companies and organizations, and the importance of graduates striving to be better people who are conscious, competent, compassionate, and committed to society to represent the best people and professionals for the world. He ended with words of thanks and congratulations and a very direct message to all graduates, encouraging them to proudly embrace the feeling “I am IQS, and I'm a Llull graduate.”

More than 700 people attended the event, which ended with refreshments at IQS in which family members and graduates were able to talk with the faculty and other members of the IQS educational community. The performance throughout the event by the Ensemble Aedea choir was the highlight of the graduation ceremony's more entertaining side.

The graduation ceremony also featured Dr J. J. Molins, IQS Registrar; Dr Jordi Díaz, Dean of the IQS School of Engineering; and Dr Flavio Comim, Dean of the IQS School of Management, who were seated at the presidential table. In addition, the different master's coordinators took the stage to present the students from their corresponding programmes:

  • Dr Martí Lecina (Master's Degree in Bioengineering)
  • Dr Marco Antonio Pérez (Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering)
  • Dr Xavier Berzosa (Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering)
  • Dr Roger Estrada (Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  • Dr Manuel Abad (Master's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Dr Sergi Colominas (Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry)
  • Dr Horacio Moreno (Master's Degree in Biopharmaceutical Business)
  • Dr Xavier Ramírez (Master's Degree in Industrial Business Management)
  • Dr Francesc Prior (Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management)
  • Dr Gonzalo Rodríguez (Master's Degree in Auditing and Management Control)
  • Dr Belén Derqui (Master's Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management)

It is also worth mentioning that, just before the graduation ceremony, the Eucharist was celebrated in the chapel of the Escola Jesuïtes Sarrià – Sant Ignasi