• IQS Doctoral Day Promotes Creating and Sharing Research Lines

Friday, 17 June, 2022
IQS School of Management

On 7 June, the IQS School of Management organized Doctoral Day, an event in which doctoral students presented progress reports on the theses they are working on. The event, which featured attendance by faculty members, thesis supervisors, Deans, and the Director of IQS, produced an enriching and fruitful exchange of knowledge and opinions with the clear aim of contributing ideas that facilitate advances in the doctoral students' different research lines.

The following presents highlights of the doctoral students and the research they are doing, which will culminate in their doctoral theses in the near future:

- Felix Friederich: “Consumer Behaviour in the New Digital Economy: Timely Challenges Concerning Consumers Engagement with New Digital Products” (Supervised by Dr Jorge Matute and Dr Ramon Palau).

- Salma Habachi: “The impact of the gameful experience on brand loyalty and the intention to use: The mediating role of customer-brand experience” (Supervised by Dr Jorge Matute and Dr Ramon Palau).

- Katharina Schuck: “Sustainability in Luxury Hotels – Motives, challenges and views of three parties involved” (Supervised by Dr Belén Derqui and Dr Audry Mehn).

- Kristina Markulin: “The ecology of study and research paths in university education” (Supervised by Dr Marianna Bosch and Dr Ignasi Florensa).

- John Ravi: “Human Interactions with Artificial Intelligence: The case of Voice Assistants” (Supervised by Dr Ramon Palau and Dr Jan-Hinrich Meyer).

- Pauline Weritz: “Exploring the Framework of Digital Transformation: A Multilevel Investigation from an Organizational and Employee Perspective” (Supervised by Dr Jorge Matute and Dr Jessica Braojos).

-Huaxin Wanglu:  “Three Essays on Human Development and Mobility in China” (Supervised by Dr Flavio Comim and Dr Octasiano Valerio).