• IQS launches the IQS Students' Forum initiative
Monday, 22 March, 2021
Cátedra de Ética y Pensamiento Cristiano IQS


The IQS Students' Forum, sponsored by the IQS Ethics and Christian Thought and Student Life Departments, is an initiative that was created with the aim of offering support to all IQS students due to the situation caused by COVID-19.

It consists of five roundtables that are being held weekly between the months of March and April to address different topics of interest. Through these activities, students can share their experiences and discuss them.

In the first session, held on 4 March, the students commented on and talked about what being a university student is like during a pandemic. During the activity, they shared the difficulties they have faced and the efforts they have made to adapt their academic pursuits to the current reality. In addition, they shared tips and strategies that they use to stay focused and dedicated to their studies. The discussion took place in a casual atmosphere and was warmly welcomed by all students who participated in it. The second roundtable (11 March) addressed online classes, while the third (18 March) focused on current difficulties in terms of social life.

The session on 23 March, called “Caught in the pandemic,” focuses on IQS international students so they can share their experiences about studying abroad and how they have experienced their exchange during the pandemic. The last session will be held on 9 April as part of Student Life Day. This sesion will focus on how the pandemic has changed us, bringing the other sessions to a conclusion.

IQS aims to offer support to students through these sessions as they face this extraordinary situation. These roundtables contribute to a sense of community and mutual understanding among students, thus creating a space for them to share their experiences and concerns.