• IQS Receives a Donation from the Metalquimia Foundation to Acquire a Flow Cytometer

Friday, 19 May, 2023
IQS Fundación Empresas

Thanks to the Metalquimia Foundation, a member of the IQS Business Foundation, IQS has recently acquired a Flow Cytometer instrument that is extremely useful in laboratories for developing new formulations in the field of biomedicine.

The institutional event took place at IQS on 9 May and featured attendance by Marta Mir, Josep Lagares, IQS alumnus and vice president, and Eulàlia Tomàs, director, from the Metalquimia Foundation, and on behalf of IQS, Dr Salvador Borros, director of IQS, and Rosa Curt, director of the IQS Business Foundation.

Thanks to the acquisition of the Flow Cytometer, the Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT), which engages in research to develop new controlled drug delivery systems to address unmet medical needs, will be able to reap great benefits from the new instrument. It will accelerate studies and make them more cost efficient, which will advance the arrival of new formulations in clinical phases.

Among other aspects, cytometers make it possible to study: cell viability, to ensure that the formulations do not produce toxicity; the cell cycle, to see the effect that a treatment can have on cellular  reproduction; and the state of cell differentiation, crucial for regeneration studies.