• The IQS Summer Program is held for the 4th consecutive year
Wednesday, 22 July, 2020

Summer Program 2020

In spite of the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe, the IQS Summer Program 2020, which is being held for the 4th consecutive year, has been adapted to today's needs and a program has been carried out where students have had the opportunity to learn and meet other students from all over the world, but in an online environment

Despite the difficulties caused by such an unexpected situation, for two weeks, the 17 participants from Colombia, the Republic of Korea, China, and Spain have been able to develop and learn new skills in the following modules: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, an intensive course in which students turned their business idea into a successful business plan; Cross-Cultural Management with a Global Perspective, a module designed for future professionals to learn to interact with people from different countries and taking advantage of the most important cultural differences in the field of business and work; Sustainability & Social Thinking, a program that responds to the need of addressing humanity's most urgent challenges today – climate change, the degradation of ecosystems, pollution, poverty, inequalities, human trafficking, artificial intelligence, and the future of work – and how ethics and social thought can help people, companies, and governments with the desire to find solutions.

The three modules offered in the Summer Program 2020 allow students to develop their professional skills in essential, cross-cutting themes in the labour market. The Summer Program 2020 took place within a context of risk posed by the COVID-19 outbreak which is forcing us to address the dangers it implies, but also the opportunities that are created both by new needs that are emerging and by the new learning environments in which we must work independently.