• IQS Tech Factory Launches New Activities to Support Entrepreneurship

Thursday, 28 April, 2022
IQS Tech Factory

IQS Tech Factory, the innovation and entrepreneurship division at IQS, is launching a series of innovative activities with the aim of strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit within the entire IQS community, from students to staff.

The new strategy is based on four crucial pillars: inspiring, educating, incubating, and accelerating. For each of these pillars, different activities are being created with the aim of giving support and providing the necessary tools to be able to develop projects from the initial phase to their launch on the market.

The following activities will be organized in concrete:

• IQSTF Talks: discussions led by IQS entrepreneurs, roundtables about current issues, and inspirational talks with disruptors.
• IQSTF Ideas: actions related to idea contests, hackathons, and visits to companies.
IQSTF How-to Pills: educational capsules on specific topics during the academic year.
IQSTF Start-up Challenge: internal IQS programme that will be held during the summer in which several projects led by IQS students will be selected so they can bring their business ideas to life.

In order to give more detailed information on the new activities to support entrepreneurship, IQS Tech Factory is inviting the entire university community to a presentation event that will take place on 12 May at the Teatre de Sarrià. The event will feature participation from IQS graduate Oriol de Pablo, co-founder of the successful start-up Vicio. This cutting-edge business created through entrepreneurship has seen exponential growth thanks to a disruptive digital and communications strategy.

“The entrepreneurial spirit is in the DNA of IQS students. We have numerous ideas and projects that will be incubated and accelerated thanks to IQS Tech Factory. Our aim is to provide robust activities, training capsules, and incubation programmes to give students and the IQS community the support and the tools they need to make their business idea a reality," states IQS Tech Factory