• MEINSA, Newest Member of the IQS Business Foundation

Tuesday, 25 July, 2023
IQS Fundación Empresas

The IQS Business Foundation has recently added MEINSA as its newest member, a company that is specialized in industrial process automation. The company’s membership in the foundation was formalized in an institutional event held this past 25 July at the IQS campus. On behalf of MEINSA, Rafael Sánchez, CEO, and Eva Rosell, Head of HR, attended. On behalf of IQS, Dr Salvador Borrós, Director of IQS, and Rosa Curt, Director of the IQS Business Foundation, were present.

MEINSA boasts over 40 years of experience implementing comprehensive and personalized industrial engineering solutions, and is specialized in OT for control and automation.

MEINSA works on the entire process, from systems design to implementation and maintenance. The company engages in electrical engineering design and control, manufacturing electrical cabinets, programming and configuring software, electrical installations, and implementation and maintenance.