• More than 1,300 Students Have Participated in “Get Ready for the University Entrance Exams” Since its Launch

Wednesday, 23 February, 2022
Comunicación y Marketing Corporativo IQS

With a 24% increase over the number of Secondary School Baccalaureate students participating compared to last year, the fourth edition of “Get Ready for the University Entrance Exams” has recently come to an end. During the event, IQS organizes online workshops for the Chemistry laboratory subject in the University Entrance Exams. In the first edition in 2019, 220 students participated; in the fourth edition this year, 473 students took part in the events.

As a new feature this year, IQS has offered the workshops “Obtaining and interpreting the titration curve of a strong acid or a strong base” and “Experimental determination of a battery's EMF.” Participants then continued with these three experimental projects: “Experimental determination of the heat of a reaction,” “Experimental observation of the direction of displacement of an equilibrium when the concentration, pressure, or temperature are varied,” and “Experimental observation of the solubility equilibria of sparingly soluble ionic compounds.”

The workshops that were held are set out in the Guidance Document for the Chemistry test in the University Entrance Exams, in which the coordinating group for the Chemistry subject establishes 12 experimental work questions that are likely to be asked in the Chemistry exam.

The team led by Dr M. Victoria Codera, Professor with the Department of Analytical and Applied Chemistry at IQS, organizes the workshops in which 1,393 students have participated since the first edition.