• New Edition of the IQS Webinars for Secondary School Baccalaureate Students

Wednesday, 04 May, 2022
Comunicación y Marketing Corporativo IQS

Between March and April, IQS has offered a large number of webinars aimed at secondary school baccalaureate students. The webinars rigorously addressed current issues related to science, technology, and business management, giving continuity to the former IQS Workshops also aimed at secondary school baccalaureate students. Like the previous year, and following the success of the virtual format, the webinars in this year's edition were also attended online by the students.

Eleven sessions were held in total, all of which were aimed at providing attendees a first-hand opportunity to discover and delve into the research and activities carried out at IQS laboratories and workshops in the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, and industrial engineering. The students were also able to conduct an analysis of case studies in the fields of business management, international business, marketing, and tourism and hospitality management. Students attending the webinars noted their solid interactive nature as they were welcomed by a speech from the leader of the sessions then moved on to a debate where the attendees could interact and ask questions related to the topic they had discussed.

In the scientific area, on 8 March, Dr Xavier Biarnés, professor with the Department of Bioengineering held the session "What is the genome of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 like?". Subsequently, on 31 March, Dr Beatriz Artalejo, professor with the Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, gave the lecture "What are drugs for?" Finally, on 4 April, Dr Cristina Fornaguera, professor with the Department of Bioengineering, helped attendees become familiar with the issue of vaccines through the session "What exactly are people who are developing vaccines for COVID-19 doing?".

This year's activities related to the field of business management included four sessions on hospitality management and tourism. On 24 March and 19, 26, and 28 April, Dr Ricard Santomà, professor with the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, led the sessions "The magic of Neurolinguistic programming", "Tourism in the post-COVID era", and "How do hotel managers work to ensure everything functions properly?", the latter offered in both Catalan and English sessions. Also in the field of business management, Dr Belén Derqui and Dr Noelia Jiménez-Asenjo, professors with the Department of Business Management, delved into the world of marketing with the sessions "The science of colour in marketing: why is Facebook blue and Coca-Cola red?" (29 March) and "Bubbly success: the internationalization of Freixenet" (7 April).

Finally, on 26 April, the secondary school students had the opportunity to interact with Dr Gonzalo Rodríguez, professor with the Department of Economics and Finance during the session he led entitled "Tools for selecting investment funds. Demonstration with the Morningstar website and Refinitiv software", from the recently inaugurated Finance Laboratory at the IQS School of Management campus.