• New Undergraduate Programme in International Business with a triple European degree

Tuesday, 02 March, 2021
Comunicación y Marketing Corporativo IQS


The IQS School of Management is offering a new Undergraduate Programme in International Business with a 100% international experience allowing students to obtain a triple European official degree. Students set sights on Barcelona, Sheffield and Paris as part of a unique new European Business qualification.

Giving students a global insight on how to do business is the aim of this one-of-a-kind new collaboration between the IQS School of Management and two leading business schools in Europe.

The European Business Bachelor degree will see students learn and live in three different European countries over four years, studying at the IQS School of Management in Barcelona, Sheffield Business School in the UK and IÉSEG School of Management in Paris.

In addition to the opportunity to live and learn in three very different cultural and business environments, the students will also graduate with a degree from each of the three AACSB-accredited institutions.

During the programme, students undertake an internship and conduct consulting projects with real companies and spend at least one year in each country over the course of the four-year programme.

Carlos Moslares, Dean of the IQS School of Management said: “In this global environment in which we live, the new European Bachelor with IÉSEG in France and Sheffield Business School in the UK, responds to the demand of having professionals with strong skills to add value to companies and organizations in their international dimension."

“This European Business programme ensures the academic, professional and real-life experience students need to become international leaders.”

Professor Eileen McAuliffe, Dean of the College of Business, Technology and Engineering at the Sheffield Business School said: “At the Sheffield Business School, we pride ourselves on giving our students a truly global perspective on the business world and the chance to apply their learning at leading brands across the globe."

“This European Business Bachelor programme builds on that strong foundation and is truly a very exciting and innovative opportunity for students looking for the best possible way to kickstart their careers.”

Jean-Philippe Ammeux, Dean at IÉSEG School of Management said: “We are delighted to be launching this ambitious European Bachelor programme with our partners the IQS School of Management in Spain and Sheffield Business School (Sheffield Hallam University) in the UK."

“It will provide business students with a truly intercultural and international experience as they study in three different countries and institutions. This programme is completely in line with the school’s vision to be a unique international hub empowering changemakers for a better society.”