• Top Notch Projects at the 1st Ever Startup Challenge

Wednesday, 21 September, 2022
IQS Tech Factory

Innovative solutions in the environment, renewable energy, augmented reality, and healthcare biotechnology were just some of the exciting projects that were on display at the first ever edition of the IQS Tech Factory Startup Challenge. Thanks to this intensive pre-acceleration programme focused on the early stages of setting up new companies, participants were able to advance from an idea to a validated business model.

With this in mind, the programme aims to validate teams and business ideas, promote the creation of technology-based startups, and seek a repeatable and scalable business model.

IQS alumni, professors and staff members, and students with the School of Management and the School of Engineering participated in this inaugural event, with topics grouped around the industrial, BIO, Services, Internet, and ICT sectors.

Above all, the IQS Tech Factory Startup Challenge is primarily practical and highly-focused on each participant's specific project. It has been developed through a combination of foundational training capsules on high-growth entrepreneurial practices, feedback sessions, mentoring, and significant work done by entrepreneurs "out of the building.”

Through a very structured and effective methodology, participants learned to identify, define, and articulate a problem; develop a deep understanding of their target market and aim towards that market; make a clear value proposition and evaluate and select business models; and allocate budgets, teams, and roles.

If you'd like to learn more about IQS Tech Factory, check out the interview with the unit's managers.

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