• The URL, 3rd Best University for Business and Economics in Spain and Top 5 for Engineering

Thursday, 27 October, 2022
Comunicación y Marketing Corporativo IQS

In Business and Economics studies, the URL is ranked 3rd best in Spain and 2nd in Catalonia, while the IQS School of Management has the following programs in the 101-125 range globally: Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration and Management, Undergraduate Programme in International Business, Undergraduate Programme in Marketing, Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration and Management, Master’s Degree in Auditing and Management Control, Master’s Degree in Wealth and Financial Management, and Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment.

The URL is also in the top 5 in Spain and the 4th best Catalan university in Engineering studies. In this category, the IQS School of Engineering has contributed with the Undergraduate Programme in Industrial Engineering, the Undergraduate Programme and Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering, Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, and Master’s in Materials Science and Engineering. In the world ranking, the URL is in the 501-600 range.

Moreover, for the second year in a row, THE has classified the university within the 301-400 range in the world in the field of Psychology, which is the 5th highest ranking in Spain and 3rd in Catalonia.

The URL has also held its positions in the subjects of Education and Social Sciences, both located in the 401-500 range in the world, and Clinical and Health, in the 601-800 position.

THE WUR By Subject 2023 provides a classification of the best universities in the world by fields of knowledge and its methodology is based on 13 indicators, which are also used in the general classification of THE WUR 2023. These indicators measure the performance of the universities in the following 5 areas: teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income. The weight of the indicators varies based on the field analysed. Thus, the universities participating in THE World University Rankings, whenever they meet the requisites, can also appear classified in THE World University Rankings By Subject.