• Visit to the offices of ANDBANK and MyInvestor in Madrid

Wednesday, 28 April, 2021
IQS Fundación Empresas

From left to right: Manel Cerqueda, Robert Albaladejo, Xavier Garcia, Francesc X. Pagès and Carlos Moslares


Andbank, a specialised private banking institution and member of the IQS Business Foundation, is one of the partner companies that awards master's degree scholarships to the best undergraduate students at IQS. In the 2020-21 academic year, Andbank awarded the scholarship for the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management to Robert Albaladejo Ghanime, who visited the offices of Andbank and MyInvestor in Madrid on 9 April. The visit included a tour through the facilities of both institutions, where students learned about how both companies work in their Spanish offices. The students were welcomed in both offices by top executives who explained their innovative digital banking process, and they were able to see the different ways that the two brands offer financial consulting services.

In addition to Robert Albaladejo, IQS students Xavier Garcia de Arboleya and Francesc Xavier Pagès i Palou, from the 2019-2020 graduating class in the same Master’s Degree, and Dr Carlos Moslares Garcia, Dean of the IQS School of Management, attended the visit.

The members of IQS School of Management were welcomed by Manel Cerqueda Díez, a board member of the Andbank Group, and an Alumnus of the IQS School of Management from the 15th graduating class (2004-2009) in Business Administration and Management and a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees of the IQS Business Foundation, and by Nuria Rocamora, co-CEO of MyInvestor.

After introductions, students were able to see first-hand how the Andbank back office operates, along with Andbank Wealth Management, the bank’s wealth management division. At MyInvestor, the participants attended talks about social network content management and the importance of financial education.

Carlos Aso, CEO of Andbank Spain, who presented the bank’s situation in Spain, Juan Luis García Alejo, managing director of Andbank Wealth Management, who gave the tour of the offices to the students, and Alfonso Amaro, Communications Director, who was in charge of the visit and explaining the back office, also took part on behalf of Andbank. Representing MyInvestor were Ana Antón, Content & Communication Officer, who was in charge of presenting image management and recruiting, and Clarisa Sekulits, Head of Education Programmes, who was in charge of explaining the financial education programmes.

This visit reinforces IQS’s relationship with IQS Business Foundation partner companies and is a gesture of appreciation for the commitment to talent and the institution.

The IQS Business Foundation, formed by over 80 companies from various sectors, supports IQS’s corporate development and the MIT Spain Program, along with education, research, and relationships between IQS and the business world. One of the projects that stands out most is the corporate scholarship programme: 104 undergraduate scholarships, 77 Master’s scholarships, and 1 PhD scholarship for Academic Excellence have been funded.