• IQS invests in renewable energy with sustainable facilities
    Thursday, 26 January, 2023
    IQS’s commitment to sustainability started with its 2020 Strategic Plan. The current 2026 Strategic Plan provides continuity and a framework that establishes an easily identifiable goal: “to transform IQS into a benchmark of sustainability, both from an educational point of view as well as through leading by example in the sustainable management of the university’s facilities and laboratories.”

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Friday, 21 April, 2023 - IQS Tech Transfer

Dr Helena Pla, Business Development Manager at IQS Tech Transfer

Interview with Dr Helena Pla, Business Development Manager at IQS Tech Transfer

Friday, 21 April, 2023 - IQS Tech Transfer

Advanced Monitoring of the Health of Structures

IQS researcher Josep Font Moré has earned one of the prestigious grants for University Professor Training, with which he will conduct his doctoral thesis where he will explore the advanced monitoring of the health of structures using Machine Learning tools.

Thursday, 20 April, 2023 - General

Great Turnout at IQS Student Week

La Student Week d’IQS, celebrada del 20 al 23 de març, va registrar una alta participació en les diferents activitats dissenyades per les comissions d’estudiants (Esports, Festes, Green Fridays i Comunicació – en el disseny dels cartells i la difusió).

Friday, 14 April, 2023 - Carreras Profesionales IQS

Two IQS Students Chosen for the Akzo Nobel Graduate Programme

Sara Antón Francesch and Mònica Escobar Marín are the two students from the IQS Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering who have been chosen to work in Akzo Nobel through the Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET) programme.

Friday, 14 April, 2023 - IQS School of Engineering

IQS Hosts the 13th Annual Carbohydrate Meeting

From 27 to 29 March, IQS hosted the 13th Annual Spanish Carbohydrate Meeting organized by the Specialized Carbohydrate Group with the Spanish Royal Chemistry Society (RSEQ).

Thursday, 13 April, 2023 - IQS Tech Transfer

IQS-SCIEX: Advances in high-resolution instrumentation

As part of the collaboration agreement between IQS and the scientific instrumentation manufacturer SCIEX, two seminars were recently held to present the company's new high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) instruments and their applications.

Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 - IQS Tech Factory

IQS Joins Tech Barcelona to Strengthen Technological Entrepreneurship

IQS has recently signed a partnership agreement with Tech Barcelona to strengthen its commitment to technological entrepreneurship and consolidate its connections to the city's business ecosystem.

Tuesday, 11 April, 2023 - IQS Tech Transfer

Computational biology: discovering and optimizing new products

The Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling unit within the IQS Biochemistry Laboratory works on the development and application of computational biology, artificial intelligence, and simulation methods for the discovery and optimization of high added value products for application in various sectors of activity.

Tuesday, 11 April, 2023 - IQS Tech Transfer

TKI inhibitors for lymphoma therapies

Dr Victor Masip recently defended his doctoral thesis at IQS, in which he designed, synthesized, and characterized potential new inhibitors of the ZAP-70 protein for peripheral T lymphoma therapies.

Tuesday, 11 April, 2023 - IQS Tech Transfer

New methodologies and strategies for fluorinated gas recovery

Dr Daniel Jovell recently defended his doctoral thesis at IQS, focused on the design and optimization of fluorinated gas recycling and recovery systems through multi-scale simulation and combining various advanced thermodynamic instruments.