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Find out more about the Undergraduate Programme in Chemistry with our students!

If you want to discover what university life is like at IQS and find out all the details about the undergraduate programme, who better to tell you about it than our students?
At IQS, each student is a story of motivation, dedication, and success. Through their experiences, you'll be able to get a more accurate view about the programme, the subjects taught, and the professional impact it has on students.


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Marina Oriol

"What I would highlight most about the degree is the number of laboratory hours that we do in each course. In addition, I would also highlight the fact that we work in small groups which makes the classes and understanding the concepts much easier."


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Blanca Isart

"What I would highlight most about this degree is the opportunity to gain really broad knowledge. I appreciate that I've been able to learn more things than I initially expected to learn."


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Gerard Vilanova

"Above all, in the chemistry degree I would highlight all the knowledge I have been able to learn thanks to a highly qualified, professional, and excellent teaching staff."


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