• PhD - Project: Improving skills in science and technology studies through service learning

IQS, a founding member of the Universitat Ramon Llull, is made up of two university faculties: IQS School of Engineering and IQS School of Management;

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IQS School of Management (IQS SM) offers Bachelors in Business Administration and Management, Marketing, International Business, Tourism and Hospitality Management is, as well as Masters and a PhD program in Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability. 

IQS SM is accredited by the AACSB since 2007 (www.iqs.edu) and many programs are ranked by QS, Financial Times, etc.

PhD – Project: Improving skills in science and technology studies through service learning

This position belongs to IQS SM but it is really framed in the middle of the two faculties.



Applications are invited for a three-year Ph.D. candidate position at IQS. The successful candidate will work on a project named “Improving skills in science and technology studies through service learning”. 

The position should last for three years and its residential in Barcelona. It should pay a monthly gross stipend of €1100.

The main tasks, overseen by Dr. Oriol Quintana and Dr. Jordi Cuadros, will include (but not be
limited to):

  •  compilation of datasets.
  •  literature review.
  •  The design and conduction of surveys.



  • Ideally, candidates should have a background both in Sciences or/and Engineering and
  • They also should have skills in Research in the field of Service-learning.
  •  Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Fluency in Spanish


Additional Requirements

  •  Familiarity with the current debates on service learning within the frame of UNIJES and the
    Jesuit Higher Education Organizations is desirable.
  •  Extensive knowledge on the literature of the subject of service learning.


Research topic

The European Higher Education Area described a set of skills to be acquired in the university education, and the present research seeks to identify what skills are more susceptible to be achieved through the service-learning methodology in an environment like IQS. It will be necessary to investigate which are the most susceptible skills to be improved through the service-learning methodology, with special attention to skills related to engineering and/or sciences, which are so important in our institution.

We consider essential that the implementation of service learning in the university is preceded by an outstanding intellectual and research effort. The aim is to avoid as much as possible the distance that can exist between the reality of service-based learning and the usual rhetoric, which has presented it, among other things, as a pedagogical revolution or as a way to make the university institution more democratic and socially just — without either being necessarily real. With our study, we aim for the future implementation of service learning in IQS to be in line with the possibilities of the institution and the needs of the social organizations in the environment, so that all stakeholders will truly benefit

In addition, we note that service learning has traditionally been used in soft disciplines, and that, therefore, adopting this methodology in scientific and engineering studies may suppose an added difficulty. With the work of this thesis, we hope to develop and evaluate proposals for the implementation of the service learning in scientific-technical studies that contribute both to the objectives usually associated with the service learning and to the skills laid out in each IQS’ degree.

To apply for this opportunity, send detailed CV: rrhh@iqs.url.edu indicating Ref. Service Learning.