• Pre-registration and enrolment 21-22

Do you want to pre-register?

If you want to do the pre-registration for one of our undergraduate programmes or master's degrees, you can contact our admissions team. They will help and guide you throughout the enrolment process.

Contact for Undergraduate Programmes

932 672 032
932 674 021

Contact for Master's Degrees

932 672 086
932 672 020

Do you want to enroll in the first year?

If you are a new student and you have already done the pre-registration or reserved your place and want to enroll in one of our Undergraduate Programmes or Master's Degrees, the General Secretariat will guide you and give you all the support you need. To do the enrolment you have to call the following contact numbers and provide the data required to make your enrolment effective.

Contact phone numbers:

932 672 001
93 267 23 79
93 267 23 18
93 267 24 10
93 267 20 18

Enrollment from the second to the fourth year

If you are already an IQS student and have to enroll from the second to fourth year, you will receive a notice when the self-enrollment option is active again in Sigma and thus be able to formalize the enrollment.

Welcome days 2021-2022

Remember that we will see us very soon! These are the dates of the welcome days for undergraduate, master and international students.

Undergraduate Programmes

9 September
Engineering: 9:00 am
Management: 9:45 am
Farmàcia: 11:00 am

Undergraduate international students

8 September
9:00 am

Master's Degrees

1 October
National students: 9:00 am
International students: 8:00 am