• Viral Marketing in
    Times of Covid-19

    Open Session

Viral Marketing in Times of Covid-19

Open Session

Date: 30 April | Time: 5:00 p.m, (CET)
Language: English
IQS School of Management

The digital channel is not only remaining completely open during the pandemic, but one of the few options for growth in these times.

During quarantine, digital content sees an all-time high in both production and consumption. Differently from the real virus, which is purely harmful to humanity, online virality can be both, positive or negative for companies.

More than ever, companies need to understand the dynamics of online conversations to create successful consumer engagement strategies.

Anticipating which type of content resonates with the audience is crucial in today’s cluttered and fast moving environment.

In this Open Session, we will discuss the phenomenon of virality for online content and explore how companies can strategically enhance virality when desirable, and how to prevent it when necessary.

About the speaker

Jan-Hinrich Meyer, PhD

Professor at IQS School of Management. Jan Meyer has a PhD in Marketing from Maastricht University (Netherlands), a Master in International Business and a Degree in International Business, Maastricht University. Professor at IQS School of Management of the subjects: Principles of Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Digital Communication Strategies.

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