• Quantitative Methods



Quantitative Methods Department is responsible for coordinating the teaching of the subjects in the area of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, as well as to support the initiatives of the teaching and research staff. The main functions of the Department are:

1.      To coordinate educational activities.

2.      To ensure the proper development of the subjects.

3.      To promote research activities of its academic staff.

4.      To review and approve PhD proposals.

To develop educational and academic projects.



The objective of the Department is to develop future professionals’ competences in those areas where quantitative methods are working tools, by stimulating critical thinking, innovation, an efficient use of technology and information systems and ethical behavior of people.

The Department faculty teach in the following programs:

·         IQS School of Management

·         Degree in Business Administration and Management 

.         Degree in Marketing

.         Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management

·         Master in Inveestment Analysis and Banking 

·         IQS School of Engineering

·         Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology 

·         Degree in Chemistry

·         Degree in Chemical Engineering 

·         Degree in Biotechnology 

·         Master in Analytical Chemistry

·         Master in Industrial Engineering



The main research lines of the Quantitative Methods Department fall within the knowledge areas of teaching methodologies for Mathematics and Statistics applied to Business Administration, Experimental Sciences and Engineering. The members of the department belong to the ASISTEMBE research group.



The department members do consulting and training activities for companies. They collaborate with IQS Executive Education teaching courses either at IQS or “in company” and they also collaborate with IQS Tech Transfer  doing technical services and consulting for different companies. 





Dra. Marianna Bosch Casabò
Quantitative Methods
Dr. Jordi Cuadros Margarit
Quantitative Methods
Dra. Paula de la Lama Zubirán
Quantitative Methods
Dra. Laura Fernández Ruano
Dr. Albert Fornells
Quantitative Methods
Dr. Francesc Martori Adrian
Quantitative Methods
Dra. Cristina Montañola Sales
Quantitative Methods
Dra. Meritxell Sáez
Quantitative Methods
Dr. Octasiano Miguel Valerio Mendoza
Quantitative Methods