Interdisciplinary group created in 1998, formed by professors and researchers from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Bioengineering of IQS School of Engineering. In 2001 GEMAT joined the Xarxa de Centers de Suport a la Innovació Tecnològica (Xarxa IT, Generalitat de Catalunya). In 2009, the group was recognized as a member of TECNIO, a network that promotes differential technology, business innovation and excellence in Catalonia. It has been recognized by the AGAUR as a Grup de Recerca Consolidat, since 2005.  Currently, GEMAT is part of IQS Tech Transfer URL, accredited as agent TECNIO in the category of technology developer.

GEMAT activity is focuses on three major areas: the development of new functional materials, surface engineering and biomaterials.


Research and technology transfer

The GEMAT activity includes specialized training, basic and applied research and the transfer of technology toward the business sector. The research lines of the group have a clear orientation to industrial applications. In this way, the group gives solutions to the technological needs of companies in order to improve their competitiveness in their business areas. GEMAT research areas are focused on the development of polymeric materials, for biomedical applications including drug and gene delivery, surface modification (plasma and CVD), additive manufacturing and biomaterials.

  • GEMAT provides the following technological, consulting and R & D services:
  • Development of functional polymers: adhesives, polymeric thickeners, flame retardant additives, charge modifiers, polymers and conductive inks
  • Qualitative chemical composition studies of paints
  • Quantitative analysis of components in polymeric materials
  • Analysis by X-Ray diffraction
  • Development of industrial formulations: paints, silicones and adhesives
  • Studies on the coating of ceramic particles
  • Development of inks with conductive and semiconducting properties
  • Characterization of materials and formulations: DMA, rheology, specific surface, particle size, calorimetric techniques and microscopy
  • Development of biodegradable polymers
  • Development of biomaterials for scaffolds
  • Development of drug delivery systems

Dr. Salvador Borrós - Head of the Group d'Enginyeria de Materials


  • Dr. Anna Cascante (Sagetis Biotech)
  • Dr. Joan Gilabert (Tractivus)
  • Dr. Robert Teixidó (Tractivus)
  • Dr. Anna Cifuentes-Rius (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science - Monash University, Australia)
  • Dr. Kim Hamad-Schiferli (University of Massachussetts, Boston, USA)



Manuel Abad Roldán Faculty IQS
Dr. Manuel David Abad Roldán
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department
Dra. Núria Agulló Chaler | Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT)
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
salvador borros
Dr. Salvador Borrós Gómez
Dr. Carles Colominas Guàrdia
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Dra. Cristina Fornaguera i Puigvert
Sra. Ana Ramos Masana
Victor Ramos
Dr. Víctor Ramos Pèrez
Dr. David Sánchez-García
Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Sra. Marina Sarmiento Casellas
Enginyeria Industrial