Group formed by professors and researchers from the Industrial Engineering Department of IQS School of Engineering. It has been recognized by the AGAUR as an Emergent Research Group since 2014. Currently part of IQS Tech Transfer URL, accredited agent TECNIO in the category of technology developer.

The activity of GEPI focuses on the calculation and design of industrial products, the management of the life cycle of industrial products and additive manufacturing.


The activity of GEPI includes specialized training, basic and applied research and the transfer of technology oriented to the business sector. The research has a clear orientation to the industrial application. Thus, the group aims to respond to the technological needs of companies in order to improve their competitiveness through new developments and innovation.

In this environment, GEPI provides the following technological, consulting and R & D services:

  • Reverse engineering: digitizing objects with a scanner
  • CAD / CAM / CAE
  • Modelling, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling
  • Virtual and physical layout
  • Mechanical characterization of materials
  • Structural numerical simulations
  • Engineering in PLM and LCA
  • Calculation and simulation of fluids in biological organs
  • Additive manufacturing (AM) and design for additive manufacturing


The group strengthen its cohesion by creating a laboratory that brings together computing resources (hardware and software), equipment of reverse engineering and manufacturing and equipment of prototyping and modelling.


Dr. Guillermo Reyes Pozo - Director



Sr. Adrià Biosca Mecías
Industrial Engineering
Dra. María Luisa Espasa Sempere
Industrial Engineering
Dr. Andrés-Amador García Granada
Industrial Engineering
Sra. Núria Llaverias Baqués
Enginyeria Industrial
Sr. Ferran López Navarro
Enginyeria Industrial
Dr. Joaquín Menacho Solà Morales
Industrial Engineering
Sra. Mercedes Peña Aguilar
marco antonio perez
Dr. Marco A. Pérez
Industrial Engineering
Dr. Josep Maria Puigoriol Forcada
Industrial Engineering
Dr. Guillermo Reyes Pozo
Industrial Engineering
Sr. Sauro José Yagüe Yagüe
Industrial Engineering