Business Management



In order to succeed in a highly competitive environment, companies must generate products and services that fulfill the customer's expectations while optimizing the use of resources. Therefore, the Business Management Department studies the market and generates knowledge through research aimed at teaching effective and efficient resources management strategies.



The Department's aim is to help students develop attitudes and acquire knowledge and skills that enable them, as future businesspersons, to improve, in a progressive and innovative way, their future customer's satisfaction, optimizing resources from a perspective based on ethical behavior. Strategy, Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resources, Ethics, Law, Quality and Innovation constitute the basic subjects of the department. 



  • Improvement and Assessment in university education quality
  • Monitoring the competition and technological prospects
  • Scientific research and techno science ethics
  • Business strategies
  • Trends in publicity
  • Statistical techniques in market research
  • Strategic analysis of the quality in services
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness in R&D
  • New information technologies