• Chair of Ethics and Christian Thought

The Chair of Ethics and Christian Thought is a academic space and meeting point at IQS that is intended:

  • To prompt reflection on the ethical scope of professions associated with business, economics, chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and general science, and on important social matters.
  • To encourage awareness of the Christian faith, and to encourage personal and community religious experience.
  • To offer volunteer activities in keeping with the realities of today's society, particularly in the most underprivileged sectors.

The Chair Professors Oriol Quintana (oriol.quintana@iqs.edu) and Albert Florensa (albert.florensa@iqs.edu) teach humanist subjects at IQS:


  • "Christian Social Thought" (ADE)
  • "Business Ethics & CSR" (ADE)
  • "Ethics of Technoscience" (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering)


  • "Christianity and Society in the 21st Century"
  • "Person, Economy and Society: Film Analysis"
  • "Science, Technology and Society" (ADE)
  • "Social and Cooperation: National"
  • "Social Cooperation II: International"

Master in Research in Economics and Business 

  • "Ethical Analysis of the Economic, Technoscientific and Sociopolitical System"
  • "Power in Globalization"
  • "Human Rights, Political Philosophy and Religion"

Master in Bioengineering

  • "Bioethics"

Master in Management in Industrial Companies

  • "Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Company"


Master in Global Entrepreneurship and Management

  • "Cross-Cultural Management and Ethical Business Practice"


Dr. Flavio Comim
Economics and Finances
Dr. Llorenç Puig, sj
Dr. Oriol Quintana
Business Management