• Tourism and Hospitality Management


The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management is responsible for coordinating studies in the knowledge areas of Tourism and Hospitality Management as well as supporting the teaching and research initiatives of its faculty. In short, the Department's primary functions include:

  • Coordinating teaching activities.
  • Ensuring that the subjects are taught both vertically and transversally.
  • Promoting its academic staff's research activities.
  • Reviewing and approving doctoral thesis projects.
  • Undertaking academic, teaching, and transfer projects.



The Department's main objective is to develop the skills of future professionals in tourism and related sectors: hospitality, dining, transportation, events, tourist destinations, and more, stimulating innovation, efficient technology use, ethical behaviour, and sustainable development.

The Department's faculty includes professors with the following undergraduate programmes:

  • Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration and Management
  • Marketing & Sales Management



The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management's research lines fall within the knowledge areas of sustainable tourism, hospitality management, and human development. In short, they include the following:

Responsible and sustainable tourism:

  • Responsible destination management
  • Tourism ethics and governance
  • Positive and negative impacts of tourism on destinations
  • Responsible and sustainable behaviour by tourists
  • Current trends in responsible tourism
  • Volunteer tourism

Hospitality management:

  • Organizational psychology in the hospitality industry
  • CSR in tourism companies
  • Hospitality and best practices
  • Inclusive tourism: Gender and tourism, accessible tourism
  • Professional training in tourism
  • Disruptive technologies in tourism
  • Current trends in tourism business management


Dra. Gilda Hernandez-Maskivker
Tourism and Hospitality Management
gisela dominguez
Dra. Gisela Domínguez Picart
Tourism and Hospitality Management / Career Services
Sr. Jordi Ficapal Mestres
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dra. Daniela Freund de Klumbis
Tourism Hospitality and Mobility
Sr. Jorge Peralta Ramos
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Xavier Puertas Montoro
Dra. Itziar Ramirez Garcia
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Jordi Sales Zaguirre
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Ricard Santomà Vicens
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Francesc Teixidó Navarro
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