• Consumer Behavior Perspectives

The Research Group, Consumer Behavior Perspectives (CONHATIVE), is an IQS research group that has been recognized as an emergent research group (n. 2017 SGR 00365) by AGAUR (Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca, Generalitat de Catalunya) during the period 2017-2020.

CONHATIVE's research focuses on the analysis of consumer behavior in consumer contexts, such as services, e-commerce, adoption of new technologies, sport, cultural heritage, tourism, retailing, impact of corporate tax policies on consumers. Furthermore, the research group also aims to analyze the influence of economic policies on consumer behavior.

Dr. Ramon Palau i Saumell– CONHATIVE Group Coordinator.


The main research lines of the group are the following:

-Consumer behavior in offline and digital environments

-Services and Tourism Marketing

-Buying behavior through ITCs.

-New technologies adoption.

-The effects of social network sites participation

-Value co-creation

-Tax aggressiveness and the consumers

-The influence of economic growth and economic policies on consumers 



Dr. Belén Derqui
Business Management
Dr. Jorge Matute Vallejo
Business Management
Dr. Ramon Palau Saumell
Business Management
Dr Jan-Hinrich Meyer
Business Management
Dra. Noelia Jiménez-Asenjo de Pedro
Gestión Empresarial
Dr. José Luis Sánchez Torelló
Business Management
Dr. José Luis Sánchez Torelló
Business Management