• Corporate Governance

The Research Group on Corporate Governance (RGCG) is a research group of the Universitat Ramon Llull, accredited by AGAUR as an Emerging Research Group and which had previously been recognized as a research group of the Universitat Ramon Llull.

The research carried out by the RGCG is fundamentally applied and aims to be of use for managers in the decision-making process, as well as for regulators and policy makers in the design of policies and regulations, by providing relevant information which might improve the corporate governance structures.

Dr. Josep García Blandón - RGCG Coordinator

Research lines

The main lines of research of the group are:

  • Audit quality
  • Earnings management
  • Corporate governance codes
  • Firm performance 


Dr. David Castillo-Merino
Departamento de Economía y Finanzas
Dr. Josep García Blandón
Economics and Finances
Dra. Mónica Martínez-Blasco
Economics and Finances
Dr. Manuel Núñez Izquierdo
Dr. Gonzalo Rodríguez Pérez
Economics and Finances